SAP FI Posting Rounding Differences

While clearing Financial Accounting documents that have been posted in a foreign currency, you can post the rounding differences that arise to a separate revenue/expense account. Earlier these differences were displayed as exchange rate differences at the time of clearing.

Rounding differences can be posted to the General Ledger account as Expense or Revenue.

How to post rounding difference in SAP FI?

Go to SPRO → SAP Reference IMG → Financial Accounting → AR and AP → Business Transactions → Outgoing Payments → Outgoing Payment Global settings → Define account for rounding differences → Execute.


Select Chart of Accounts and click tick_mark. Go to Posting Key.



In the next screen, enter the following details −

  • Enter the G/L account to post rounding difference. Click Posting Key at the top
  • Enter the Credit and Debit posting key and click the Save icon at the top
  • Enter the request customizing number to save the configuration

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